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Our story

Alchemiky was born out of our passion and desire to use only the most all-natural products, whether in the food that we eat or in the health and beauty products that we use.

We believe that nature knows best and provides us with everything that we need.

All the chemicals, preservatives and heavy processing that goes into the products that we buy, for the sake of profits and convenience, can damage the natural benefits that nature has to offer. Taking away vitamins and nutrients that we need and leaving behind a bunch of stuff we don’t want.

Now we’ve always been nuts about coconuts. When we discovered that the MCT’s in coconut oil bonded beautifully with the Cannabinoids in Hemp like CBD, our eyes lit up and we started brewing.

We’ve developed a range of specially formulated all-natural hemp elixirs and balms that we are excited to share with you.

Alchemiky have found the Philosophers’ Stone and it turns out it was green all along.

What’s in a name?

Alchemiky, pronouced [ al-ke-mickey ] = Alchemist + Miky.

It’s the nickname you are given when your name is Miky and you’re just nuts about all-natural remedies with one always brewing up at home in the kitchen.